Ladies, you aren’t looking for all the good men.  In fact, you aren’t looking, you’re positioning and preparing to be complimented not completed.
Don’t let the crowd tell you that there aren’t any good men.  The crowd is not looking for your good man.  Your good man is the one that God set aside just for you.
You haven’t dated all men, you’ve dated the wrong men, seasons and lessons.  Stop tripping over the wrong one’s, the right one is not every man.  If there’s only one right man, that means that 99% of the men you meet are going to be, are supposed to be, have to be the wrong man — for you.
The wrong one is only a problem if temporary emotions make permanent decisions.  If your emotions follow, not lead, your decisions, the wrong one should confirm that you are true to holding on to your pearls until the right one shows up.
Put This In Your Spirit: You can’t expect what you don’t believe you deserve.  Deserving is not just what he brings to the table, deserving is what you bring to the table that makes what you deserve a reality and not a fantasy.  You’re not perfect and neither is he but you will be perfectly capable of being perfect for each other.
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