Loving God, Worshiping Jesus, Abundant Living

Mission Statement

To impact change by building a global church lead by a faith culture that inspires spiritually bold followers of Jesus through intentional, Christ-centered worship, fearless biblical teaching and purposeful ministries that empower people to walk in victory.

Our Focus

Build a large, global church that brings people together in church and around the world for life changing worship experiences and dynamic biblical teaching that encourages and equips leaders in faith, restores hope, empowers people to walk in victory and champions the cause of Christ to further the Kingdom of God. 
A loving and supportive church community where people from all generations and all walks of life and backgrounds are welcomed with a spirit of humility, radical hospitality and genuine compassion to grow, worship and serve together without having to pretend like they have it all together.
A church where the heart of leadership, the use of spiritual gifts and talents and the worship experience reflect and honor God’s purpose for the church — Jesus is the center, people are the focus and God is the audience. 
A culture of faith on a mission to make Christ the center and church the life center for hope, healing and power.  Meet the demand for church to be intentional, relevant and impactful for the lost, the saved and the seeking alike, and be equipped to minister to the whole person with meaningful, Christ-centered ministries.
Inspire and cultivate a faith culture that worships Jesus and serves God by loving people, serving people and healing whole communities.  A global faith movement that goes beyond the walls of the church to defend the oppressed, advocate for justice and crusade for the disenfranchised, the abused and the marginalized.
Make a difference by being the difference — in church, in community and around the world.
–  Patrick Weaver