How do you define church? Many of us define “church” based on personal experience or history with a local assembly or an encounter we’ve had with someone who attends church. 
At FAITHHILL Church we’re excited about what God is doing and the incredible opportunity to be apart of God’s plan to impact the world. We are committed to a ministry that is about the people and to building a global faith culture that loves Jesus, and celebrates the uniqueness, difference and importance of all of God’s people.
We are passionate about meeting people where they are and ministering to the whole person and, healing and empowering people to walk in victory. We believe that church is a place where people from all walks of life come to experience the freedom of the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ.
Through concerned and thoughtful teaching, the gospel of Jesus Christ comes alive at FAITHHILL Church. Church services are casual, fun and dedicated to a faith culture where Jesus is the center, people are the focus and God is the audience.
We understand that a relationship with God, through salvation, is instant but growing in faith takes time and work. At FAITHHILL Church we want you to feel at home, worship how you feel comfortable, be encouraged and inspired by dynamic, Christ-centered teaching and genuine worship experiences that focus on growing together without having to pretend like we have it all together.
Every church has a culture and a vision that advances the cause of Christ. We are fired up about the vision God has given to us to impact lives, support healthy families and heal communities through a global church with a local mission.
We don’t do “church as usual” and probably aren’t considered to be a traditional church environment — and we’re proud of that. We’re a teaching and encouragement ministry, and Pastor Patrick’s dynamic, relevant messages of hope, healing and power brings heaven down to earth, lifts spirits up and empowers people to pursue their destiny.
Come and rediscover church at FAITHHILL. We would love to have you visit and if God leads you, we would love to have you join our family and get involved.