Got Fruit?

Got Fruit? is not just a reheated conversation about the fruit of the Spirit.  Got Fruit is a mind shift for powerful living.  Powerful and practical affirmations will inspire and challenge you to release the power of your fruit.
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God is raising up a generation of fruit bearers, believers who, through deep personal relationship Jesus, will manifest the power of God in every area of life, position in life and relationship in life.  They will be flashlights, influencers, marketplace leaders and passionate evangelists for change.

These will seek relationship over religion and authentic fellowship over routine.  They will be the eagles, the iron that causes faith to be sharpened for the cause of Christ.  This fruit will transform lives, relationships and whole communities.

Pour into your spirit, ignite your passion and be empowered with the life giving, practical affirmations for the fruit of the spirit in this short, Free eBook by Pastor Patrick, “Got Fruit: An Affirmation Study for Powerful Living.”
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