Everybody who wants to hold us is not qualified to be intimate with us.  Intimacy does not look the same nor can it be the same in every relationship but every relationship worth having requires intimacy.
Intimacy: Into-Me-See is real talk for real people for real intimacy.  Download this short eBook today from FAITHHILL Church.
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We have to be intimate with our self before we can be intimate with anybody else. True intimacy has nothing to do with sex, and when we understand intimacy better, we can cause relationships to prosper and know when to cut the wrong relationships off.
Intimacy: Into-Me-See is about us, the masks we wear to cover our hurt, when not to give intimacy and how to give intimacy in the relationships that God intended us to be intimate in.
Pastor Patrick’s real talk for real people for real intimacy is for couples, singles and friends alike, and will feed your soul like never before.  This short, 8 Page, eBook is available FREE right here at FAITHHILL.
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