We have to learn to be OK with not wasting valuable time, precious energy trying to be liked, fit in or go along to get along.  Some think it’s love or faith that keeps us holding on to what’s killing us but that’s a lie.  It’s fear of letting go — we’ve all been there with loved one’s, relationships, friends and people who knew us back when.
Put This In Your Spirit: This is your life and you’re trying to fulfill God’s divine plans for your peace, joy, potential and destiny. Everybody who wants to be a part of your life is not eligible to be a part of your plans. The bible says, “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” (Amos 3:3).  If they don’t agree with the plans that God has for your life, don’t be afraid to disappoint!
Some might say, “Well, that seems shallow.”  Well, the alternative is to treat your life like it doesn’t matter.  You are not being fair or true to you by cooperating with what destroys you (Proverbs 14:7).  Walk alone if you have to but don’t hold on to what’s killing you — The only people who will have a problem with your boundaries for joy, peace and power are the people who are not meant to walk with you.
Don’t be afraid to disappoint! Nobody knows better than you what it takes to be you.  Nobody is responsible for your peace, guarding your heart and keeping your life drama free but you.  Before every plane takes off, the pilot has to make sure that the plane is not overweight.  Every life, like every plane, can only carry so much weight — don’t let the weight of wrong people, wrong decisions, history relationships cause your life to stay stuck on the ground (Hebrews 12:1).
Put This In Your Spirit: The top 5 people that we spend 80% of our personal time with, influence our conversation, our direction and our elevation.  You know better than anybody that intruders throw your prayer life off, they interrupt thoughts, they distract you from your fight and they keep you majoring in minor things.  When we’re afraid to disappoint the right people, we let the wrong people have power over our lives.  
If they cannot handle the requirements of you, that’s OK.  If they cannot handle your boundaries, that’s OK.  If they cannot appreciate your need to be healthy, stable and positive, that’s OK. If they cannot handle the fact that you need to keep them in your prayers but put them out of your life, that’s OK.  If they cannot handle you letting go of people that are killing you, keeping you stuck, holding you back, that’s OK.  This is not their life, it’s yours and you get to make up the healthy rules that keep you from losing your mind (Micah 2:10).
Every tree is a seed that refused to be held down.  No amount of dirt, no amount of darkness, no amount difficulty kept that seed from becoming who it was created to be.  When you refuse to allow anything or anybody to keep you from becoming who God created you to be, you are walking in agreement with God’s plans for you: “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm” (Proverbs 13:20, Matthew 7:6).
God desires to bless us but we have to protect our inheritance from wrong people and wrong decisions.  Doing right by you, positions you to be blessed. Esau was the firstborn son to Isaac and Rebekah, but he made a bad choice that forfeited his inheritance (Genesis 25:29-34).  Don’t be afraid to disappoint when your inheritance is on the line!
Share and be blessed.
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