God is not a Democrat or a Republican and He did not ordain the donkey or the elephant to be over the church.

God did not tell us to use the government or governing authorities to make disciples. God said the governing authorities are a testament to our righteousness or confirmation of our rebelliousness: “…For the one in authority is God’s servant for your good. But if you do wrong, be afraid…” (Romans 13:4).

Evangelical leaders have jumped into the political arena head first and unwisely aligned themselves with particular government officials for pseudo-religious reasons. Government is not for the Christians, it is for the people. Get that understood. Government is not the ministry of the church nor can it exclusively represent Christians. American citizens are not and do not have to be Christians. American citizenship is not a religion it is a right, a freedom that is protected by the constitution.

This may shock some of the holy rollers but gays and lesbians have rights under our constitution, and you do not have a right to use your religion to overturn the constitution. Jews, Muslims, agnostics and atheists have the same constitutional rights as Christians do and the Government is responsible for their rights just as they are any.

Point being, we need conscious and careful evangelical leadership speaking the truth and not misleading the body of Christ by promoting unbiblical allegiance to political parties or unintended purpose of government. We, Christians, must tend to our business and not outsource discipleship to government. We must acknowledge our fellow citizens of all colors, of all persuasions, of all religions and of all backgrounds who are protected by our constitution.

Leaders of faith and the faith community should always promote the cause of Christ and support policy that represents the interests of humanity, freedoms and equality but this reckless, blind support of the elephant vs. the donkey, republican vs. democrat, is insane, demonic and unholy. God is a righteous and Holy God, God is not a Democrat or a Republican. Leaders of faith must not get in bed with political parties at the peril of freedoms, or contrary to the bible, or to use government to go make disciples.
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