Talents take us into the marketplace, excellence lifts up God in whatever position, place or responsibility that God puts us in.  One marketplace Faithpreneur will encounter more opportunities to fulfill the great commission than most churches do on any given Sunday. 
The great commission (Matthew 28:19), is not in the church it’s from the church .  Church is for the building up and equipping of the saints to live righteous, victorious lives and to go out into the world to make disciples (Luke 14:23, Hebrews 10:24, Ephesians 4:12). The marketplace — the positions and places in the world where Christians encounter the lost, the unsaved and the hurting, is where the great commission takes place.  I am not saying that marketplace ministers replace the church, I am saying that marketplace ministers are the church to the world.  Effectively, we are all marketplace ministers, regardless of what our title, job, role or influence is — in the street and in our homes (Matthew 5:14). 
This is not a put down of the church, it could actually be a case for why the church should be more active in the development of marketplace leaders.  
With That Said…
Like most, I don’t and won’t do business with you just because you are a Christian. In fact I won’t do business with you unless your demonstrated difference is superior to your competitor — most of the time.   This is where excellence comes in for the Faithpreneur.  Excellence is, should be, the Faithpreneurs distinguishable asset in the marketplace. Our difference is excellence — our excellence is our difference.  
The bible said, “For the kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power” (1 Corinthians 4:20).  Don’t expect respect or to be successful in the marketplace because you believe in Jesus.  Expect respect and to be successful when your excellence honors God: “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” (Colossians 3:23).  
Case In Point…
Tom started a business consulting firm.  His knowledge was impeccable, his personality exuded kindness.  He was savvy and well versed in business strategies that could impact the bottom line for almost any company — large or small.  Tom’s talent had the ability to put him in front of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people every year.  Because of Tom’s sphere of influence, he had the potential to impact countless lives for the cause of Christ.
There was one small problem.  Tom was highly inconsistent, he lacked follow through, he procrastinated profusely and he dressed inappropriately.  To make matters worse, he used shabby/unqualified vendors, his marketing material was awful — a DIY (Do It Yourself) nightmare proving he needed to stay in his lane, and he approached new business opportunities and clients with a lazy attitude.  I hated it.  I hated to see it.  Honestly, I couldn’t stand it.  Not simply because this was severely hindering Tom’s business opportunities but it severely hindered Tom’s ability to, “Lift up God,” and potentially impact thousands of lives for the cause of Christ.
Let’s face it, Christian or not, we don’t want to do business with anybody who is not about their business.  Christian does not give us a free pass, it gives us an opportunity to put God on display through our excellence.  Excellence is the door opener — can be, for conversations about Jesus, and in fact, if God is lifted up He will draw them to you: “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all men to Myself” (John 12:32). 
After some “Straight Talk” coaching and sage advice, Tom never turned it around.  Tom went out of business.  He’s still a marketplace minister but He’s not prepared to be a Faithpreneur. In my 20 years of senior executive management experience and over 10 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve never seen a lack of excellence succeed — and I doubt I ever will.
In every area of your business, evaluate your excellence.  If you want God to bless your business aspirations, develop a mindset that honors God through the light of excellence (Matthew 5:16).  Don’t make excuses, do it.  Set standards that meet God’s expectations and you will blow customers, competitors and bosses away.  Put your work excellence on your prayer list and keep it there — everyday should be a renewed commitment to excellence in every thing you say or do in your business, position, opportunity or task.
Straight Talk: If you have an area in your business, career or profession that is lagging or suffering, check your excellence.  Excellence is not only what we demonstrate towards others, it’s what we believe.
  1. Is your dress/appearance excellent or appropriate for your customer/audience? 
  2. Is your planning, your time management excellent? 
  3. Is your attitude, knowledge, understanding, use of success tools/resources excellent?
  4. Is your work ethic, customer management, consistency and follow through excellent?
  5. Is your investment in self, use of mentors/role models/networks to be successful excellent?
  6. Is your work life balance, rest, prayer life, and church fellowship prioritization excellent?
Excellent is as excellent does. We cannot be something that we’re not — providing excellence starts with being excellent.  For Faithpreneurs, our business is also our marketplace ministry. Take inventory today of every area of faith and business that deserves your excellence.  There is no way that you can fail at what you were created to do if excellence is your difference.
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