A little love takes a little effort.  A lot of love takes a lot of effort.  Nobody has great love without putting in great work.  It’s not that complicated but the truth is, it’s not that easy to keep the light on.
If you’re sitting in a relationship with the light going out, you cannot sit back and expect love to do the work.  Love won’t do anything that we don’t do.  Love is not going to make us feel anything that actions don’t support.  We can love somebody but without actions, love is just a word.
Sometimes we get caught up wanting the feeling of love without doing the work or putting in the work to keep the light on.  You cannot make somebody want the light and love cannot produce light without two people working together.
It’s not one person’s responsibility.  It’s not one person’s job.  It’s not, “What are they going to do for you,” it’s what are the two people going to do that makes love work.  Take off the mentality that they are supposed to make you happy — that’s immature love.  Mature love is reciprocal not selfish.  Mature love gives to get, it does not wait to get.  Mature love makes the light shine, it does not sit in the dark and complain about what somebody else is not doing.
God said, “How can two walk together unless they agree” (Amos 3:3).  Making an agreement to let love shine is the beginning of powerful loving.  Correction to the misconception: Love is not like.  You have not loved somebody until you have had to love them even when you don’t like them.
Don’t get it twisted.  God didn’t give us a mate for us to be loved.  God gave us a mate to love.  Two givers make love.  When we love somebody who has it backwards, that’s a relationship between a giver and a taker, not a giver and a giver.
Don’t accept less, don’t give less, don’t even consider less than what God planned for you.  Settling for less, making an emotional meal out of emotional crumbs, trying to get by on fumes are all light killers.  You don’t have to trade your life for death or a love that is not worth having.  Your destiny is too important for that.
Make a decision. Love like there is no tomorrow every day.  Don’t let laziness compromise your light.  Don’t give the enemy a door to create division or confusion.  Be sold out, be submitted to having the best love that any two people can have — And commit to prioritizing priorities that make it happen (Ephesians 5:21).  
If you’re with the right person, you have what it takes to have the best.  Don’t play, grow out of immature games that sabotage love.  Remind yourself that the light will not stay on by itself, and we cannot expect more out of love than we put into it.
Love to win.  Love to shine.  Love to be a light for somebody else who needs to see what it looks like when two people are committed to loving unselfishly, unconditionally, uninhibited and undeterred.  Your love is God’s love and whenever your love walks into a room, the room should get brighter.
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