Lead by Global Pastor, Patrick Weaver, Faithhill Church is a church that loves God, loves Jesus and, a church passionate about building up and empowering people to walk in victory through dynamic ministries and authentic worship experiences that minister to the whole person.
Our life changing ministries, outreach and support are intentionally focused on the whole person – the complex mixture of spiritual, physical, social, mental and emotional components that make us human, and offer practical and Christ-centered teaching that meets people where they are and empowers them to fulfill their highest potential.
We invite you to be a part of our future, and our mission to further the Kingdom of God in church, in our community and around the world through Christ-centered worship and life changing biblical teaching.
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---Our Culture
Faithhill is a church dedicated to a faith culture where people from all walks of life and backgrounds, saved and unsaved, churched and unchurched, aspiring and hurting can feel at home, worship Jesus, grow in faith and serve together without having to pretend like they have it all together.
At Faithhill, it’s all about Jesus.  Worship is not about how we dress, it’s about how we experience Jesus, grow in faith and love each other.  When you’re at Faithhill, you’re at home, you’re with family that cares about you, your faith and your destiny.
Some say we’re nontraditional, and we would agree.  We’re a progressive, intentional and nondenominational church with a heart for people, genuine fellowship and, life giving and authentic ministries. 
At Faithhill, Jesus is the center, people are our focus and God is our audience. Whether in church, in community or around the world, FAITHHILL Church is home.
---Our Future
FAITHHILL Churh will be planting an international church campus in Northern, CA. FAITHHILL East Bay, is a state of the art hub that builds on our vision for a local ministry with a global mission.
Planned for a 2021 opening, FAITHHILL East Bay campus will be home to over 120 inreach and outreach ministries and a global broadcast ministry with a focus on building up and empowering God’s people to walk in the fullness of faith, serve community and reach the world for the cause of Christ.
Through the prayers and financial support of faith partners, FAITHHILL East Bay will provide a comprehensive and diverse ministry approach to meeting the needs of people, providing access to resources, and holistically equipping God’s people through progressive and authentic experiences.
As the vision and facilities for the FAITHHILL East Bay campus are being finalized, we invite you to join our mailing list for updates, cell group information and, opportunities to partner with us in prayer, support and campus staff/volunteer openings.
For campus updates, resources and to make a tax deductible donation, visit our FAITHHILL CONNECT page.