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We are excited to announce the completion of the official name change of Abundant Life Ministries Church Without Walls to FAITHHILL Church.  This is a major move forward in the fulfillment of the global vision for our church.
We’ve changed our name, kept the vision and sharpened our focus.  We’ve refined our focus to provide unity and clarity in church, in community and around the world.  Our global vision to connect the FAITHHILL churches and communities with the FAITHHILL culture and commitment has begun.


A few changes will be made to support our efforts to unite and connect the FAITHHILL global community.  Most will not change anything directly but below are a few frequently asked questions:
FAITHHILL Campus: Our new location and first FAITHHILL campus is located in San Leandro, CA.  We are currently gathering at the Century Theater at the Bayfair Mall, 15555 E. 14th Ave., San Leandro, CA, every Sunday morning at 9am.  
Mobile App:  Access to our mobile app will not be effected.  You will see updates to content, graphics and links.
Online Giving: Online giving will not be effected.  Our online giving system has been updated and giving will now be under the new name.  2017 online giving statements will reflect our Abundant Life Ministries Church Without Walls and can be used for 2017 tax filing purposes.
Checks to Abundant Life: We will continue to own the name Abundant Life Ministries Church Without Walls. Checks written to Abundant Life will be accepted through March 1, 2018.  Following, March 1, 2018, all checks must be made payable to FAITHHILL Church.
Non-Profit Status: The non-Profit status of the church is unchanged.  The name change is effective and updated for all state, federal and local agencies governing the status of non-profits. 
Web Sites and Social Media:  The new web site and social media addresses are below:
  • FAITHHILL website: www.faithhillchurch.org
  • FAITHHILL Facebook: @faithhillchurchusa
  • FAITHHILL Instagram: faithhillchurchusa
We look forward to continuing to expand the vision of God, and we invite you to join us on this incredible journey.  If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the name change, please send us a message.